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About SPBS



    Over the past two plus decades a group of past students of the Sandy Point High School (now the Charles E Mills Secondary School [CEMSS]) has made meaningful annual contributions in support of the students, staff, and teachers of schools in Sandy Point, St. Kitts. The primary annual support has been cash scholarship awards to students of the CEMSS, and science and computer equipment to the CEMSS. Donations have spanned much more than education. SPBS donated gifts including a PA System, Intercom System and Steel Orchestra. SPBS's generosity has been reflected to gifts to the local Pogson Hospital and to numerous unplanned emergencies with other organizations in support of hurricane relief and COVID-19 relief for students.


    The Sandy Point Primary School has been the beneficiary of some of these awards. As of 2012, SPBS expanded the cash scholarship to include the valedictorian from the Newton Ground and St Paul’s primary schools, bringing the total to three (3) primary schools valedictorian, attending the CEMSS, each receiving a $300 scholarship.


    We became a 501 (c) 3, non-profit US corporation in 2007. The Sandy Point Benevolent Society, Inc. is registered in the State of New York with corporate mailing address at 231-10 Linden Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11411. Federal Tax deductible contributions may be sent to this address.


    The Sandy Point Benevolent Society hosts a variety of special events during the year, some of which help to raise money for the society. Every year in September, several hundred people attend our Annual Awards Dinner and Ball. In April we host our Easter Taste of the Caribbean Breakfast and annually we conduct a raffle.


    Our scholarship pool has grown over the years.  

    We have gone from three (3) scholarships of US$300 each to the Valedictorian from each of the feeder schools (SPBS Principal's Awardees) to the CEMSS to:

    • a SPBS scholarship of US$2000 to a needy graduate of CEMSS studying any where in the world
    • a scholarship of US$400 to each of the SPBS Principal's Awardees upon graduating from CEMSS 
    • another US$500 to each of those same SPBS Principal's  Awardees upon graduation from the Clarence F. Bryant College
    • another SPBS scholarship of US$1000 to each of the to SPBS Principal's Awardees upon attending a college or University to obtain an undergraduate degree
    • The Sir Hugh and Lady Claudette Rawlings Graduate Scholarship of US$2000 to any graduate of CEMSS pursuing graduate studies
    • The SPBS Verchilds High Scholarship valued at $2000 which goes to students in college who graduated from the Verchilds High School
    • The Ridley Guishard Memorial Scholarship to two (2) socio-economically challenged natives of Sandy Point and graduates of CEMSS pursuing an undergraduate or higher degreee, each valued at US$2500 and
    • Three (3) Warner's Excellence of Education Scholarships (WEE Scholarships) each valued at US$500 to two (2) students from CEMSS with the best CXC results and one (1) from Verchilds High School with the best CXC results.


    Anyone can donate to our Scholarship Fund by clicking the DONATE button and specifying SCHOLARSHIP FUND.


    We are aware that the cost of Education is expensive but we think Ignorance is still more expensive, so we are motivated to help educate our youth. 


    Our Motto: 

    Empowerment through Education

    "We give back so others can move forward"


      Our Mission: 

    To Strengthen our Hometown Sandy Point Community via Support for Educational Institutions & Positive Youth Activities.



     Our Officers:

    Stewart Williams President & Founder
    Mervyn Richardson Vice President
    Trevor Duggins Chairman
    Eloise Herbert Secretary
    Collette Joseph Asst Secretary
    Veronica Assent Magazine Commitee
    Trevor Hanley Treasurer
    Leah Joseph Asst. Treasurer
    Anthony Warner Entertainment Chair
    Terniqua Osbourne Public Relations Officer
    Patrice Springette Asst. P.R.O.
    Kimarah Isaac Scholarship Committee
    Paulette Smith-Smithen Breakfast Coordinator
    Charles Mills Banquet Venue Committee
    Winston "Junie" Benjamin Entertainment
    Shermin Stevens Chapter President - St. Kitts
    Desiree Gumbs Mentor Chair, Scholarships
    Trevor Duggins Magazine Committee
    Emris Rogers Chapter President - Anguilla
    Marvin "Junie" Manning Technology & IT Support
    Hansil "Richie" Buntin Entertainment
    Terance Williams Marketing
    Trace Edinborough Marketing