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Another first for CEMSS - SPBS donates state of the art Inercom
Thursday, August 13, 2015
Press Release
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     Another first for CEMSS - SPBS donates State of the Art Intercom


    The Sandy Point Benevolent Society (SPBS) continues its noble mission to positively transform the lives of the students of the Charles E. Mills Secondary School (CEMSS). It has delivered the 2nd portion of 2014 Principal's Award.  The 1st was the scholarship award to the three Valedictorians, one from each of the 3 primary schools (Sandy Point, Newton Ground and St Paul's) that send students to the CEMSS.

    The reputable public service organization continues to partner with the CEMSS to provide some of the resources necessary to empower the students of that school and to ensure their overall success as well.

    The SPBS's recent show of charitable support for the CEMSS came in the form of a donation of a State of the Art Intercom System. This system is critical to facilitating school safety drills and general school security.  The Principal can stay in her office and speak to the entire school while each child remains in their respective classrooms.  The timely donation exemplifies the generosity and community minded spirit enshrined in the philosophy driving the SPBS. This Intercom system is the first of its kind in the school system in the Federation. This donation has been the biggest to date to the school valued at approximately twenty thousand US dollars (USD20,000) including shipping and installation. 

    The principal and administrators at the CEMSS are understandably excited and filled with profound gratitude for the continued contributions of the SPBS. Certainly, this organization is focused on the development of the students of the CEMSS and ultimately the nation's children.

    Principal Diamond commented, “I wish to record our profound gratitude for the continued support that the Sandy Point Benevolent Society renders to the students and staff of the Charles E. Mills Secondary School.  The most recent generous donation of a State of the Art Intercom System underscores the resounding commitment that SPBS has demonstrated towards the development of our school in particular and the community and the nation as a whole.  Once again SPBS has come through for us, making the safety of our students its priority and equipping the school to be front runners in its capacity for sophisticated communication. We are eternally grateful for this invaluable asset. Thank you SPBS for being our benefactor and for always making our needs your priority. May your institution continue to grow from strength to strength.”

    The SPBS's major annual fundraising event under the theme "Stimulating our youth - Enhancing their future" is fast approaching. This year's fifth anniversary banquet is slated for Saturday, September 5, 2015 at the exquisite Maestro's ballroom in the Bronx, New York.

    This year's highly anticipated extravaganza will be a celebratory event that also salutes the contributions of citizens of the federation whose work continues to positively impact the lives of others.

    Molding minds and making memories, SPBS continues to raise the bar in its public service mission, holding true to our nation's motto of country above self.