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SPBS Scholarship Gala in NY on September 3, 2016
Thursday, August 11, 2016
Press Release
    Dr. Hannah E. Guishard, DVM
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    The Sandy Point Benevolent Society (SPBS) is proud to partner with Dr. Hannah Guishard as the anchor and keynote speaker for its first ever Scholarship Awards Gala to be held on Saturday, September 3,2016 at Maestros in the Bronx, New York.


    Without question, Dr Guishard's commitment to "give back" is extraordinary and the SPBS salutes her for her generosity.

    Dr. Guishard was recognized in 2012 with a Distinguished Services Award.  She responded in kind by making an annual contribution to the SPBS Souvenir Magazine with her Pet Corner articles; however it is her generous spirit and visionary commitment to youth advancement that is nothing short of remarkable and admirable.  Last year, Dr. Guishard stepped forward as the architect and chief sponsor for the Ridley Guishard Scholarship, offering $2500 each to two (2) deserving students from an economically challenged background.


    The 2015 Ridley Guishard Scholarship winners included Mr. Duriel Pemberton, son of Mrs, Maria 'Patsy' Williams-Francis and Mr. James 'Bunny' Pemberton and Cherima Hughes.  Duriel  is currently studying medicine in Cuba at he Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina.  Cherima recently graduated with a BA in Accounting from the University of the Virgin Islands and is currently preparing for her CPA and CMA certifications.  Cherima sums it up best: "I utter profound thanks to the hearty Parton, Dr. Hannah Guishard.  It is persons like Dr. Guishard, who like the many other members of the SPBS, enjoy giving back to their community so others like me can move forward."


    The story of Dr. Hannah Eloise Guishard is a compelling one.  Her life's journey has been as much about her service to others as it is about her personal aspirations and triumphs.  Dr. Guishard's humble beginnings in Road Town, Tortola would lead her to the pride filled town of Sandy Point, St. Kitts.  Her years of hardship in no way impaired her passion to excel.  In fact, it seemed to only fuel her desire to succeed. 


    Hannah completed her formal education at the Sandy Point High School in 1986 and later found employment as an Accounts Clerk in Tortola.  Soon after, she journeyed to Alabama A&M University to begin her studies in pre-veterinary medicine.


    She graduated from Tuskegee University in Alabama with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM).


    In her early professional life, Dr. Guishard worked with various private veterinary medical corporations.  The array of alliances she nurtured, eventually propelled her into the arena of entrepreneurship.


    Of her many esteemed partnerships, the Sandy Point Benevolent Society remains dear to Dr. Guishard and she has now  become one of SPBS' premiere scholarship sponsors.


    Without question, Dr. Hannah Guishard's commitment to "give back" is extraordinary and the SPBS salutes her for her generosity.  By virtue of her selflessness and unreserved support for young people, SPBS declares Dr. Guishard a lifetime partner and alumni of the SPBS Scholarship Fund.


    Join the organizers of the annual SPBS Gala on Saturday, September 3, 2016 at Maestros in the Bronx in recognition of Dr. Hannah Guishard for her selfless commitment to others.