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SPBS Mentee Tecoya Warner wins big for CEMSS
Thursday, May 26, 2016
Press Release
    Ms. Tecoya Warner, SPBS Mentee & joint-top scorer of the SCASPA Best in Class Championship 2016
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    SPBS Mentee Tecoya Warner wins BIG for CEMSS


    On Tuesday 24th May, 2016 at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium at the ECCB Central Bank,, the Charles E. Mills Secondary School Outperformed the Basseterre High Scgool to take the highly coveted winner's trophy in the SCASPA St. Christopher and Nevis Air & Sea Ports Authority) Best in Class Secondary Schools Competition. The CEMSS team of Alaynah Mitchell and Tecoya Warner exuded quiet confidence throughout the competition and eventually hoisted the winner's trophy while the evidently dejected Basseterre High school team looked on.


    The Sandy Point Benevolent Society (SPBS) extends profound congratulations to the winning team and the staff and students of the CEMSS for the consistent and resolute performance during the weeks of the SCASPA Best in Class Competition.


    SPBS especially congratulates Ms. Tecoya Warner, a 2013 SPBS Principal's Award recipient, who tied with Zidane Knight of BHS, for top scorer position in the competition.  Ms. Warner is currently a member of the Sandy Point Benevolent Society's Mentorship Programme.  She was boisterously supported throughout the night's rounds of competition, not only by the staff, students and well-wishers of the CEMSS, but also by the other mentees and the mentors of the SPBS Mentorship Programme.


    In the inaugural year of the SCASPA Best in Class Competition, it was won by the team from the Sandy Point High School (now CEMSS).  Interestingly, that winning team, 6 years ago, included Ms. Zonique Browne, a former SPBS Principal's Award recipient who now serves as a mentor in the SPBS Mentorship Programme.


    Commenting on this legacy of SPBS Principal's Award recipients being a part of the winning team for the school, the mentees in Second Form shared that they are looking forward to representing their school and defending the victory that Tecoya helped to secure.


    The SPBS Group is extremely encouraged by this victory and Tecoya Warner's role in it.  Dr. Stewart Williams, the President and Founder of SPBS, commenting on Tecoya's role in the CEMSS victory, said, "these are the things that propel us to do what we do.  As we have been saying this year, we give back so others can move forward, and we are very encouraged by this victory.  We are definitely doing something right".  The SPBS Vice President, a former Principal of the Sandy Point High School, Mr. W. Vincent Hodge, described this victory as "remarkable" adding that "these are some of the other things that the high school was always good at".


    The entire executive of SPBS extend profound congratulations to Ms. Tecoya Warner and Alana Mitchell and the CEMSS for this victory at the SCASPA Best in Class Secondary Competition.



    The Sandy Point Benevolent Society is a not for profit, alumni association of the Sandy Point High School which works to provide opportunities for youth empowerment through education.  Annually, the group undertakes fundraising events that enable it to give awards to the best student coming to SPHS/CEMSS from the Sandy Point, Newton Ground, St Pauls Primary Schools.  SPBS also provides resources for the SPHS/CEMSS and it administers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies by graduates of the SPHS/CEMSS.


    On 4th September, 2016, the group will hold its Scholarship Awards Gala in New York at Maestro's Banquet Hall and on 26th December, 2016, it will hold its annual Banquet (for the first time in St. Kitts) at the St. Kitts Marriot.