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Sandy Point Benevolent Society (SPBS) Makes Dual Donation In Sandy Point
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Press Release
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    In March 2019, the President of SPBS, Dr. Stewart “Peppa” Williams made donations to 2 institutions in Sandy Point, St. Kitts. One hundred (100) back packs and water bottles were donated to the CEMSS Eagles athletic team and one (1) brand new 50” flat screen television was made to the staff of the Pogson Hospital. Stewart handed over the back packs and water bottles at a ceremony at the CEMSS auditorium in the presence of the entire school and some members of the St. Kitts branch of SPBS (Ian Queeley, Elsa Revan & Shermin Stevens). The members of the CEMSS Eagles athletic were very thankful as they would be all outfitted with their back packs whenever they attend sport meets. Earlier the same day Stewart journeyed to the Pogson Hospital along with some members of the St. Kitts branch of SPBS and presented the 50” TV to the charge Nurse and other members of staff. The charge nurse shared how she just said the word and the TV appeared and she and her staff at the hospital was so appreciative. According to Stewart, “both request were made only in January and it is a testament to a great team to be able to deliver in such a short time to two foundational institutions in Sandy Point”.