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SPBS Celebrates 2017 College Scholarship Class
Sunday, September 24, 2017
Press Release

    SANDY POINT BENEVOLENT SOCIETY Congratulations to the 2017 Scholarship Winners.


     The Sandy Point Benevolent Society congratulates the accomplished students who were awarded our 2017 scholarships. Each winner demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievements and community service. The SBPS scholarship program strives to “Give back so others can move forward”. Our goal is unchanged – to support our eligible Charles E. Mills Secondary School students at all stages from incoming freshmen to current college students.


    The Ridley Guishard Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $2,500 is funded by Dr. Hannah Guishard, the daughter the of late Ridley Guishard. It is designed to provide financial aid to two educationally gifted scholars annually, who come from disadvantaged, socio-economic background. Mr. Michael Tross and Ms. Yu’Shaner Jeffers were co-recipients of this year’s wards and here what they had to say. “This scholarship will be of huge benefit in helping me to finish my Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology and Minor in Environmental Science. If awarded this scholarship, I intend to utilize the funds in the most efficient way which would allow me the best success. It will be useful in helping to pay for my tuition, school fees and books which has not yet been covered due to financial constraints. This scholarship will make a definite impact on my success for the upcoming semesters.” “In a climate where the cost of education is rising, scholarships like those promoted by Sandy Point Benevolent Society are essential to the sustenance of tertiary education for persons like myself. If I am blessed with a scholarship of this stature, it will afford me the opportunity to lessen the financial burden that I am currently facing. During the winter semester (January 2017), the school board decided that a rise in school fees and a cut in budget were the only options to keep the university afloat. Therefore, school fees for me, has risen from $11,000 CAD to $13,500 CAD per semester. This added to the already struggling student is a recipe for suicide. Therefore, it would be of great help if I am granted this scholarship.”


    The Sir Hugh and Lady Claudette Graduate Scholarship in the amount of $2,000 is awarded to full-time students pursuing masters or doctorate degrees and are graduates of the Sandy Point High School (SPHS) or the Charles E. Mills Secondary School (CEMSS). Ms. Eloise Herbert, is the winner of this year’s scholarship award and she had this to say. “MHR is equipping me with a deeper examination and transformation of myself, my leadership, my communication, and my influence skills. These aspects demonstrate components for community and nation building. When I left home to pursue studies, my plan was to return to the newsroom. The newsroom is one way to sensitize and impact the masses and calling them to action. Upon completion, I intend to empower my community through philanthropy; developing the human capital. This scholarship has planted a seed of social responsibility and motivates me to push harder. I will allocate every penny prudently and will pay this kind gesture forward.”


    The Sandy Point Benevolent Society Scholarship for undergraduate studies in the amount of $1,000 is awarded to any graduate of the Sandy Point High School or Charles E. Mills Secondary School, who is pursuing undergraduate studies. Past students of the Sandy Point Principal’s award will automatically qualify for this award. Mr. Dijani Laplace, who received the Principal’s Award in 2009 upon entering the Charles E. Mills Secondary School recently graduated from the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. He automatically qualifies for this award and will be going off to college this fall. Ms. Andreana French is also the winner of this year’s scholarship award and she had this to say. “This organization needs to be commended for its outstanding work in providing financial assistance to past students of the prestigious Sandy Point High School. When pursuing higher education the financial obligations alone can be very stressful. With this scholarship persons like myself are given a chance to ease that financial strain. It is my hope that with this scholarship I can not only be relieved of that financial pressure but gear my efforts into successfully completing my degree. Upon completing this degree I would be advancing myself personally and professionally so I can make a positive contribution to my countries education system.”


    The Presentation of these scholarships will be mentioned at our SPBS Scholarship Gala to be held at Maestros Banquet Hall in the Bronx, NY on Saturday, September 2, 2017 at 8:00PM where film maker, lecturer and author Christene Browne, will deliver the keynote address.


    SPBS 2017 Scholarship Winners:

    SPBS Undergraduate Dijani Laplace $1000, University of the Virgin Islands, Undecided major.

    SPBS Undergraduate Andreana French $1000, University of West Indies, Bachelors in Accounting.

    Sir Hugh and Lady Rawlins Graduate Eloise Herbert $2000, University of Oklahoma, Masters in Human Resources.

    Ridley Guishard Memorial Scholarship Michael Tross $2500, Doane University, Bachelors in Biology.

    Ridley Guishard Memorial Scholarship Yu’Shaner Jeffers $2500, Dalhousie University, BSc Agriculture- Plant Science.

     These scholarships bear testimony to the continued commitment of the Sandy Point Benevolent Society to strengthen investment in education in St. Kitts.

    Please visit our website (http://www.spbsinc.org/) for more information about upcoming 2018 scholarships.